Informatie over Quentin Pryor van GasTerra Flames

Vandaag contracteerde GasTerra Flames Quentin Pryor. Hieronder wat verzamelde informatie:

De Amerikaan Quentin Pryor is een swingman van 1.93m, 82 kg, getrouwd en heeft kinderen. Op college kwam hij uit voor Morehead State uit de Ohio Valley Conference. In zijn seniorjaar 2006-2007 had hij de volgende gemiddelde cijfers: 30.5 min, 11.4 pnt, 4.6 reb, FG 46.3%, FT 71.7%, 3pnt 36.8%, 2.1 ass, 1.1 st en 1.4 to.

Daarna vertrok hij naar Duitsland en ging spelen voor FC Schalke 04 uit de 2e Bundesliga. Vervolgens kwam hij 3 seizoenen uit voor de Duitse Bundesliga club Phoenix Hagen en in 2011 werd hij gekozen in het German Bundesliga All-Defensive Team. In zijn laatste jaar bij Hagen had hij de gemiddelde cijfers: 30.1 min, 11.3 pnt, 3.5 reb, 2pnt 48.9%, FT 75.3%, 3pnt 27.5%, 2.2 ass, 1.5 st en 2.2 to.

Zijn laatste Europese seizoenen waren in Oostenrijk en hij speelde voor WBC Raiffeisen Wels (toen was zijn coach Pete Miller) en ECE Bulls Kapfenberg. Bij de laatste club werd zijn team in de halve finale van de play-offs uitgeschakeld door de Oostenrijkse kampioen BC Vienna. Gemiddelde cijfers bij ECE Bulls Kapfenberg: 31.8 min, 10.9 pnt, 3.6 reb, 2pnt 50.7%, FT 75.4%, 3pnt 34.0%, 3.1 ass, 1.2 st en 1.4 to.

Op de website van zijn agent staat:
Quentin is a versatile backcourt performer who can play both positions equally. Is comfortable with the ball while he is also very good playing off the ball to get open. Is known for his outside shooting ability and can shoot the 3-pointer with authority. Catch-‘n-shoot and/or coming off the dribble are both trademarks of him. Was voted on the German Bundesliga All-Defensive team in 2011 which is a blueprint of his defensive ability. Good on the ball defender who uses his quickness and agilty well. Smart player with a good understanding of the game. Is a good (interior) passer, always finds the open man and is not selfish at all. Smooth and coachable player with good overseas experience which makes him a valuable asset to a lot of teams in Europe.

De coach van Phoenix Hagen gaf aan waarom hij voor Quentin Pryor koos: “Für uns zählt vor allem, dass Quentin drei Positionen spielen kann, ein guter Verteidiger ist und viel Zug zum Korb hat“.

Hieronder wat vragen en antwoorden rond zomer 2012:
You recently played your first season in Austria for Wels. How did you like the country?

The country is nice and very scenic. The Austrian league is a lot better than it gets credit for. It is a lot more competitive than I thought it would be.

The Austrian league isn´t as strong the Beko BBL. What is the league missing besides better quality players?

The teams have lesser budgets and the arena´s are a lot smaller more like PRO A gyms. The refs also need a crash course. They miss a lot. You can´t do a spin move here.

How was your role different than it was in Hagen?

I had the ball more in my hand this season. Coach Miller told me before the season that he would need my scoring, but defending is still a big part of my game.

How is Wels different than Hagen and vice-versa?

Wels has two malls something that Hagen didn´t have, but the city center in Hagen is more compact and bigger. I like both places.

How was your relationship with head coach Pete Miller who coached in Germany for many years?

I loved him. He has shown so much trust in me. He takes my input and uses it for the games. He is more of a players coach. He doesn´t yell much, but he will let you know what is right and wrong.

You are 29 and in the best basketball age. What is your current biggest strength on the court that would help any team?

I’m actually still 28 now. I think my biggest strength is my versatility. I can all the guard positions and defend them all.

Sometimes its not wrong heading back to a former team. Why doesn´t Phoenix Hagen have interest in you? You could spark the team vocally, on defense and offense?

I think that they wanted to take their team in a different direction and me as player wanted to go another way. I had a good time there and good memories.

In 2010, zijn 2e seizoen bij Phoenix Hagen, gaf hij ook interview en deze kan je hier lezen. In 2011, zijn seizoen bij WBC Raiffeisen Wels, gaf hij een interview aan John Bynum.

(Quentin Pryor in blauwe tenue met nummer 5)